The checkered blazer 1.0



The good old checkered blazer revisited the market this fall. They are literally seen everywhere and every blogger out there is wearing them. I bought mine from Aland while I was in Seoul this summer.

It was the perfect throw-on piece. And I mean throw-on by literally throwing it on last minute before heading out without thinking "oh does it go with my outfit". 98% of the time, it DOESThe other 2% you can overcome by picking the right shoes. Here I wore a pair of Lacoste white sneakers (similar here).

There are soooo many different ways you can style this blazer and that's why the blog title says 1.0 because there will be 2.0, 3,0... My single favorite clothing piece this year has to be slip dress, the silky type. They immediately give you a classy and luxurious look. And by styling with a blazer you can prolong the days to wear them (I have yet to find a way to wear them in the winter). My slip dress is from Reformation and unfortunately it was their seasonal piece and I couldn't find them anymore on their site. 



Boyfriend rocking my jacket (not as much as I do tho)

Photo: David Suh

Boutique store shopping in San Francisco


I gave myself a break during the week to go hangout with my bff Jessie. She took me to so many amazing places and one of them being the mission street. I ran into a store called Reformation, which I've been wanting to visit for the longest time. I didn't even realize that I was in their store until I saw the tags on their clothes. I tried on a silk top that I had in my online shopping cart and oh. my. god. their fitting room was next level. You can adjust the lighting from cool to warm to sexy. And they even have a phone charging station in there XD 

fitting room2.jpg

I've been eyeing on this silk top and I was very hesitant on which size to go for. I tried on a XS and I thought they could fit better. I wasn't so sure about it and if I'm paying $80 for a top I at least want it to fit super nicely :/

(I have this weird feeling that I might go back for this b/c it's so friking cute!)


Reformation's interior design from furniture choices to color theme of each rack - everything is so on point! Absolutely one of my best experiences at a clothing store. 

My outfit deets for the day:

ZARA top (similar)

Vintage jeans from my bff

Alexander Wang Amelia sandals

H&M shoulder bag 

Ray ban shades


Floral elements are so in this summer and I definitely recommend to try and have some fun with them. They can bring so much energy to your outfit as long as you don't go all out and wear flowers from head to toe. Single floral pieces work a great summer outfit when you style them with simple monotone bottoms/tops. I styled this off-shoulder asymmetrical top with a grey pair of jeans and kept everything relatively simple. I accessorized with gold earrings and black suede purse. There was nothing too catchy but the floral top in this outfit. 



My bff also took me to this vintage shop called After Life. It was LITERALLY heaven on earth. I literally moved around within 4 ft. and my hands were full. No joke. Their denim collection was crazy and even crazier they have my size! Usually most of the vintage boutiques were only left with larger sizes. These jeans were remade so uniquely. I love and wanted to get all of them.

But most importantly...


Yes I found a vintage GUCCI freaking sweatshirt 

I love it so much that I even wore to my night out at a bar (it was cold and windy af in SF at night). I'm still in awe that I was able to find this. By the way, the red sandals I was wearing in the picture down below was also from a thrift store I visited later that day. It was $7 and I seriously thought that they looked like Celine. So. Very. Worth. It.