The blouse dress


I wore this outfit to go shopping and got a lot of compliments on this dress. When I first saw this dress on Style Addict, I kinda named it the "good girl, bad girl" dress lol. We don't see many dresses with collars that have a deep cut in the front. And the buttons, we definitely don't see them too much on dress either. One of the girls who commented on my dress thought it was a blouse at first. 

Annnd of course, I can't say enough about my Gucci Princetown. They are the most versatile, most classic shoes I've ever, and probably will ever own. As a horse lover myself, the gold horse bit has always been my favorite element of Gucci. 


Photo: David Suh Photography


Silk and Knits


      I love styling pieces that are similar in color and playing with different fabric texture. I styled a silk front-tie top with a high-waisted knit shorts and created this effortless pool-side summer look. A glass of Champagne and a little bit more sun rays are highly requested here. 


Honestly, I'm obsessed with anything that is silk or silk-like. And I'll dedicate a whole blog to them soon.  

Style Addict Lilah Top

Zara Raw Cut Shorts


Photo by Davidsuhphotography