3 Fashion Week Trends From a Minimalist’s Point-of-view


While there are so many key trends being discovered during fashion weeks, from fringes to bright neon colors to mixed patterns, I curated these images of looks that I love from what happened in fashion week so far. Here it is: from a fashion minimalist’s point of view of what’s good.


Head turban or head wrap made it first debut this year in the Tom Ford Spring 2019 Read-To-Wear collection, which made an interesting twist to the overall styling. It added another layer of sophistication and sexiness to the models who walked down the runway in semi-transparent lace corsets, fur coat and cinched-waist dresses. Head turban was seen again on the beautiful Bevza show “Faux Reality” where femininity was interpreted at its finest. Head turban is such a fun accessory to soften up a look without compromising style and power.


The second trend (or I should say, color) from fashion week that I see myself incorporating into my style is light yellow. Think of daffodil, baby ducks, butter type of yellow. This color was seen in so many amazing collections like Acne Studios, Tibi, Theory, Bevza, Proenza Schouler, the list goes on. I am now on the hunt for a light yellow cami slip dress and suit trousers.


Bevza was killing it again with their elegant and minimal design head-to-toe, winning over my heart completely. So was Tibi with the business casual and flip flops mash-up game that elevated the formal look with a touch of playfulness. I know not everyone is on the same boat as me with this thong sandals/flip flop trend and I’ve already seen enough people dissing on it on Instagram stories these days. But, you can’t deny the fact that fashion sometimes challenges people’s conventional way of thinking, for instance, that it is absurd to see someone go out and about in flip flops while wearing a full set suit. My take on this is that you want to keep an open mind and just have some fun with experimenting what you like and don’t like. And I think I am definitely going to take out my Havaianas and pair them with slacks next time I go out.