The Bone





My Tiffany bone, my extra bone, on top of the 206 bones that came with my body, is a special one. 

For the Tiffany's Elsa Peretti collection:


Really love this curation of these two images. I wore a green silk dress on the day of visiting the store. So did my grandma, except her dress was a shade darker. I caught her leaning on the couch that happened to be green, too. Everything was so effortlessly in sync.

When it comes to fine jewelry, I always go for the color gold. Sometimes silver, never rose gold. I was originally eyeing on the gold bone cuff but when I tried on this silver one I infinitely loved it more. The color is subtle and subdued and compliments the organic quality.

It fits nicely on my wrist with a groove designed to cover the wrist bone - the one that sticks out. My friend said this cuff reminded her of Wonder Woman’s arm cuff. Not 100% certain about its bullet-proof ability, but I do feel a sense of confidence and empowerment from the weight it gives me and the way it rests on my body. To quote directly from Tiffany & Co., “Peretti’s creation wraps the wrist in strength and grace”. This cuff was a gifted to me from my parents for celebrating my graduation from UC Davis. I am beyond grateful. Nothing could’ve made a more special gift than a unique, timeless piece came in a blue box.


-Talk later.